The story about us!

Wood Buffalo Productions is a Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada based video production house, specializing in high end corporate video production. We deliver tailor-made, cinema quality video features to help businesses and individuals make their ideas come to life. Our trusted and proven process ensures that our clients receive a strategically sound, fully customized, top quality video product.

Formerly operating as Donald Kee Films, the company has been offering video services to individuals and businesses in the Fort McMurray region since early 2013. Built on a foundation of friendship and common passion, Wood Buffalo Productions is a collaboration of the tastes and temperaments, the interests and ideologies of Michael Mankowski, Jonathan Rice and Matthew Thomas.

As lifelong residents of Fort McMurray, we take our company name to heart. We are proud members of the community and are committed to it's betterment. Wood Buffalo Productions takes on up to one pro-bono community oriented project per month, offering video services for worthy causes, untold stories of merit, and charitable fundraisers.


Michael Mankowski

An accomplished screenplay writer, a graduate of the University of Lethbridge's faculty of managememt, and co-founder of Wood Buffalo Productions, Michael manages day-to-day client relations, and is heavily involved throughout our creative process.

Jonathan Rice

After graduating from MacEwan University's school of business, Jonathan picked up a video camera, and hasn't really stopped shooting since. He is the company's primary camera operator, and is heavily involved throughout the post-production process.

Matthew Thomas

Matthew is the company's sound recordist, sound designer and co-founder. He is heavily involved throughout the creative process, and has been known to appear in front of the camera from time to time.

Our process

Our proven process ensures consistent, effective results deliverable on your schedule.

1) Initial Consultation

The process begins with a discussion about your needs, goals, budgets, timelines and other particulars. We'll take the time to understand what it is you're hoping to accomplish and what success looks like to you. Our truly individual approach begins here.

2) Proposal

After the initial consultation, we'll get to work on assembling a proposal for your review. Here, we'll detail a concept that fits your needs, we'll breakdown the associated costs and we'll include some examples of our proposed approach to help let you in on our vision.

3) Project planning

Here, we continue to develop the concept outlined in your proposal. We'll write scripts, scout locations, draft shot lists and communicate with you to schedule production days where necessary.

4) Shooting

When the time comes to press record on the camera, there will be no surprises. By now, you'll have had the opportunity to review and approve everything that was decided upon in the project planning phase. If you're making an appearance in front of the camera, we'll coach you through the process and let you know exactly what to expect.

5) Post production

This is where we get technical. Our experienced post production team gets to work with video editing, motion graphics, visual effects, sound design, color correction, trandscoding and finishing.

6) Delivery

Finally, you'll get to see our collaborative vision in it's finished state. After a final approval, we'll help you get the video to your audience in any format necessary. All related video and project files will be saved indefinitely, readily available for future projects.